hortense haussling-fourneau



1997-2015 Portrait commissions
2004-2005 Study and Diplôme of Art - Therapy
1998 Fondation of the « Atelier ARGIA for Art and Life »
1992-1993 Contract with Nella Longari (Milano) 23 portraits to be completed
1992-1993 University of Witten Herdecke(Germany) General studies- 3 semesters- Perception /sketching of Nature 1976 Foundation of the HEOS Studio Group, artistic director : Juan-Luis Cousino
1965-1966 Studio Met de Penninghen (Entrance Prep for the examination of the « Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs », Paris Painting studies with Juan-Luis Cousino
1952-1964 Ballet training with Prof. Egorowa, Paris


​2015 Exhibition "Villa Clara Angela" Berlin (Germany)
2014 Private exhibition by Anne Baux in Sare (Basque country France)
2011 “Serge Amoruso” exhibition ( Paris 13e ) 2012 Galerie exhibition “les 7 Parnatiens” (Paris 14e)
2010 “Maison de l’Infante “ exhibition in Saint Jean de Luz (France)
2008 collective exhibition in « Larraldea » Basque Cultural Centre in Saint Pée sur Nivelle (France)
2007 Portrait exhibition « L’art du Portrait » in Saint Jean pied de Port (Basque country France)
2006 Exhibition « Villa Rufolo » in Ravello (Italy)
2004 Participation to the “Salon Art de vivre“ Shorlekua in Arcangues (Basque country France)
2002 Exhibition in the Gallery « Art et Toiles » in Bayonne (France)
1999 Exhibition in BNP Bank avenue des Champs Elysées in Paris
1997 Collective international exhibition « Thy Kingdom come » in the Roman Catholic Hochschulzentrum of Wuppertal (Germany)
1996 Schleberger (Wuppertal) private exhibition
1996 CBB Gallery Wuppertal (Germany) Portrait exhibition
1992 Gallery Nella Longari in Milano 5Italy)
1991 Schauspielhaus Wuppertal (Germany)
1991 CBB Gallery Wuppertal (Germany)
1989 « Van Reemen » gallery Solingen (Germany)
1988 “Knives and Cutlery Museum“ Solingen (Germany)
1984 Haan, Krenzel Gallery (Germany)
1982 HEOS Studio participation to « City, Violence and Art » a project about violence in the City and the way to balance it with Art.
1981 Wuppertal Casa (Germany) Hilden « Haus Horst » (Gemany) Participation to a radio program of « Radio France International » about the Mural work and « City , Architecture and Art » (a joint Study program sponsored by the European Foundation)
1980 Cooperation in Paris (rue de l’Amiral Roussin 15e ) to the mural « Le Messager » with Juan-Luis Cousino
1978 Paris « Au Pont Louis Philippe » Gallery
1977 Wuppertal Lûntenbeck Castel ,first HEOS collectiv exhibition(Germany)
1976 Würzburg Falkenhaus (Germany)